Friday, October 12, 2012

YaY Me Elephant Peep Beulah Yindee Came's Ta PlaY Dollies ToDaY!
HeYa PeePs!
Trunk Wave'nZ!
On's A BeautyMosT DaY!
PlaY'nZ Here Wids Beulah Yindee
Ans Me Dolly TiggleT...WAAAAH!!!
No Worries ~ I GoTs Dis!
WAAATs Did DandelionFair PuTs In Ya's?!!!
Ya CraZyMosT Dolly!
YePs I LuVs Ya Too's!
BuTs We GoTTa Have's LaW... 
Ans OrderMosTs.
YuP, Its Yer Ownliest Time OuTs Shell
Tigglet Jus Do Looks CutieMosT In's It...
Ans SpunkyMosT as EveRZ!
Bye PeePs!
LuV, Beulah Yindee, TiGGy ans Tigglet
(GeTs Yer Ownliest Beulah Yindee Elephant at Jpopdolls)
(Tigglet By DandelionFair, Shell OptionalMost...)


  1. Hello from Spain: I love your photos. You are always very creative and original. Tiggy very cool. Keep in touch

  2. Marta Thank You for being such a devoted follower of TiGGy's adventures. We think your blog is so wonderfully creative so your comments always cheer us on
    TiGGy sends LuV and HuGs!