Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hey Tigglet - Ya Founds An Acorn Cappie
 Lemme HeLp's Ya Wids Da Style'nZ
 Look'nZ SpiffyMosT Lil Dolly!
 YePs, A Dolly CaNs Be Da BesTesT Friend
 You Be's Me SweetMosT Dolly, Tigglet
 Ans I LuVs Ya DearMosT
 Ans Kissies Me DearMost Tigglet


  1. Hello from Spain: the photos are very cute. Keep in touch

  2. Oh wow, that is one teeny tiny doll! Tiggy is fun, I like watching her pics though comment so rarely.

  3. Greetings Marta - Thank you so Much, you are such a Sweetie!

    HowDy SweetNeat - TiGGy's amazing little doll was made by DandelionFair on Flickr and Etsy.com TiGGy has been utterly enchanted with her little Tigglet ever since she got her for her 3rd BDay. Never worry about not commenting, I have been way behind on answering as well. I do try to post something every day, but sometimes I even fall behind on that. And you know TiGGs likes to stay au currant! Thanks so Much for enjoying TiGGy and her adventures!