Saturday, May 28, 2011

Wents Ta See da Deppster in's Pirates CarryBeans! 
 It were 3D so I hads me goggles ons ans WOWZ!
Yo Depp!
Yep Depp, Its Me TiGGs!
Whadya Needs?!
I'ms Ons Its!
 WAAAATs?! Depps were talkins Ta MEs!
Rub a dub dubbs Ya Drub!
Now Swabs Me Deck Ya Bigmost Booger!
Dats, Betters....Dangs Bullies...
Smiles Alls Ya Wants, Da Deppster Be MINEs!!!
Yes, Sorry Love, Tiggy is my Ownliest.
Told Ya's!
No Needs Ta Bow Me Depps!
 Here, Lemme Helps Ya Wids Dat, DeppyPoo!
 Ahhh Tiggy, Saved Again by your Chivalrous Charm!
 Yes Indeed LuV, My Heart Belongs to Tiggy!
 Awww Cheer Up Matey! Its a Dangs Nice Island!
 I'll Evens Sits Wids Ya Awhiles....


  1. hello my friend,
    Thanks for voting in Chicco!!!
    your generosity has enlightened our day.

  2. The movie without Tiggy is so incomplete!