Sunday, May 22, 2011

Posin Wids a Dollmore Lusion Ice Dahlia Peep ats da Gaithersburg Doll Show!
I LuVs Resinmost Royalty!
Keepins Wids Me BlueMost Bloods!
Dangs Finemost Dolly Peep!


  1. Oh wowow Tiggs!!! What an amazing Dahlia! I bet you had fun hanging with her :-) Golly, she is big next to you, isn't she?
    Did you have fun at the Gaithersburg show? I wish so much Albuquerque or Santa Fe had doll show. It would be my favorite thing to do!
    So did your Mom bring home any friends, Tiggy?

  2. YipEEE! So HappyMost Ya Came Ta See's! I saw yer bloggie ans hads ta finds me pix wids da Icemost Dahlia for Ya's, she were ghostly Beauteous!

    Yeps, I gots a mini Nanny Hitty by Judy Brown ta helps take cares O me Baby Pearlie, ans all sorts O Goodies!

    I LuVs dis dolly show, lots o 'Tiquey dollies, ans I gots a lil peg wooden dollie, ans gifties for me peeps. If ya keywords "Gaithersburg Doll Show" on me bloggie Ya wills find more pics O me visits!

    I Luvs yer area, ma tolds me alls abouts it, ans alls da redmost sands ans Hoodoos! Hopins ta camps dis summer outs West - Times for a Trip soons!

    Mostly 'Tiquey stuffs ats da doll show, but every year dere be mores ans mores bjds toos! Its Whirldwide Famousmost, so Ya's gotta comes - I'll shows ya a Greatmost Times! ~ LuV, Tiggy