Friday, May 20, 2011

SpeZialMost Delivery On's Me Order from Ember ans Lupo From SassyLassie
Awww, BeautyMost Wrappins!
 BusyMost Here's!
OmiGoshNess! Me Pinky Swearmost T!!! I LUVs Its!!!
Ooooh More Workins here's - Tanks fer da Helpins Lambypoo
Lickins Kissies Always Be Helpins!
Ooooh PinkMost Pantlets! GROOOVYMost!!!
TANKs Muchly Ember, Lupo ans Jo for Your BeautyMost Stylin Clotheses
I LUVs!!!! SqueeDoodleWheeeeeeeeee!!!!!


  1. hello friend,
    she is adorable!!!

  2. Oh Tiggy, I love your new gear! Thanks for stopping by to check on Destiny. And you have to be the luckiest firefly on the planet to have a friend a cute and cuddly as Lambypoo! Please give her a kiss for me, mwwwwahhhh!