Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Tour Of Me Kindle 3!
 Nice Leathermost Cover 
Ans New Yorker Pic!
Inside Me Author Peeps!
LuV interactins wide me Peeps!
Ans Text Ta Speech Reads Ta Me!!!
Gots Wifi ans 3G so Shoppins Easy EverWheres!
Web Browser for Zippity WWW!
 Ans a LovelyMost View O da Park!
Takins Questions!


  1. So Tiggy what is Kindle 3, is that 3G like this because I can't find anything else in the UK. Help!

  2. Bestmost Kindling Cover EVARS! My favest New Yorker cover, and da original Seurat paintins be my FAVORITESTMOST paintins!

  3. Yeps Valli - I forgots its now Axtually Calleds "Kindle w 3G Ans WiFi!" dat link Be's Da One! Sorry For Da Confusins - me old Kindle were calleds K2! But ya gots da Rightmost One Dere!

    I likes da 3G coz I be Travelsome!

    Hey Threads - Tanks for likins me WickedCool MEdge cover! Softie buttersome leather Ans I do Loves Contemplatins Me Park! Dangs CoolMost Dat Seurat Be's Yer Favoritemost - Hads a Way wids Colorsome Dots Pre- KnitPixel!