Friday, April 1, 2011

Interview'ns we NewMost Hitty Nanny
For Baby Pearlie
 "So Have's Ya Hads Any Poops Chillins Of Yer Ownliest?"


  1. Dat Nanny you is talkins to be lookins AFEART!

  2. What a darling family!
    If Tiggy wants to give a look at the portrait she commissioned of Galatea she can come and have a look at my blog or flickr. :)

  3. Oooooh Astera! SqueeDoodle Will DO!!!! TANKS!!!!

    Tee Hee Giggle SNORT Threads! Dem Hittys be prettymost sturdy peeps, so she done recovered hersefs pretty good ans be lil Baby Pearlies new Nanny now.

    BTW, she be a tinymost Judy Brown Hitty froms Judy Brown ats da Gaithersburg Doll Show!!!!

  4. YAYES!! Dat jobbie be MULCH better'n hangins inna durn ASHIE TREE yah dumble crowses carryin Hitty aways like dat! *stomp*

    Gots me ownliest beautymost Hitty nows!! Tanks, Tiggs, for da recommendifying!

    Ooooh mebbe I gotsa goes t' dat dolly show sometimes! Wonderins how fars from da 'Burghs, gonna Googlimate da Gaithersburg.....

  5. The Hitty is gorgeous. And you know that poor NyXy has a baby elf, Eddy so she's looking for a good nanny. Love baby Pearlie.