Saturday, April 23, 2011

I Done Help'sd Wids Da Surgicals 
 Ans Ma Be's Recoverins GoodMost!
Briefmost I done gots distractifieds wids
But Ma Gots Me Groundeds!
 Dangs Firefly  Geneticals!
But I gots Ons Da Jobbie QuickMost
Insertins Da PinkMosts!
Monitoring Da Systems
Checkins Da Pluggies!
WAAAATs?! Delicates Work HEREs!!!
Bedsides Mannerins
Ans Makin SureMost She Woke UPs!
Yeps I Were LOUDMost!!!
Da BestMost Cares Be Firefly Care'ins!
I LuVs Me Ma, ans She LuVs Me Too...
No Worries! I GOTs Dis!


  1. Tiggy, you beez da bestest helperz eva!

  2. TANKs NyXy - Dat Means HugeMost Comins from me sister Firefly Peep YOUs!!! Its a Big Jobbie, but I Gots Dis!
    LuV ~ TiGGy

  3. YayYayYayYayYay!!! We was worritins over heres. I dones had kneeeee surgimicals and WOW was I glads when it was OVERS!! 'Ceptins after I couldn't EATS coz I couldn'ts find me MOUF. Stoopid anise-thee-zee-mology made me brains all woobly. Wellll. More than usuals. I didn't have none of me dolly peeps to help, tho, so your Mom's luckyluckyluckyLUCKgirl 'coz she has TIGGY on da JOBBIE!!

  4. Tee Hee Hee Giggle SNORT! Threads You Be's Da Bestest ats da FunnieZ!!! "anise-thee-zee-mology"!!! Yeps, After surgicals sure Do Beats Afores!!! Ma done be workins ons missin her mouths too coz she sez she wants to be as teeny as me coz I do be easymost ta carries!

    TANKs for Preciatins Me Doins Me Jobbie! I do Try Me BestMost! Ma sends her LuV ans Tanks for da Gigglies!
    LuV ~ TiGGy