Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Keepsin Watch Over Da Easter Blingies Pa Gots Ma
Evens a TinklyMost Angel Bell!
 WowZ! Easter Be's a BlingieMost Holiday...
Gotta Celebrates Dis Ones Oftens!


  1. PRETTYFULS!! All I gots is a Medsicle Lert bracelit coz of me titainimum..titanical..titomaniac....metal knee!

  2. Dangs Threads - Dat Bracelet ID Yous as a TitaniumManiacs?! I WANTs ONE! Do Ya Gets ta Set da Airlines Bleepins?! Dangs CoolMost Me BioniclePeep!


    I dunno. I ain't been near no hairports since me knee was replaceified. I did gets ta set off the beep-beep-beep-AWOOOOOOOOOGA thing at the Walsmart once, tho. Dat was FUN OMG! I gots da basic bracelit, but OOOH they has some with BLINGIES! AND PINK BLINGIES TOOS!