Thursday, September 11, 2014

TiGGy GoTs Ta VisiT MerryWood Galleries
In Berkeley Springs WV!
Jeanette Makes Da FabuMosT Bears
Da Red ans White Bear Be's SpezialMosT From Jeanette's Hubby's Fave Shirt
Da Antique Silk Ribbon Quilt Bear 
Be's Me New PaL!
Jeanette Even Gave's Me A 
PreciousMosT Teeny Bear!
Jeanette's SoN Bill, ans Daughter In Law Lori Makes AweSomeMosT RocK ArT!
Here We Be's WiDs Ole George!
 Ans A RocK BaBy!
I SwooNed At's 
Da GianTMosT HerKimer DiamonD!
Inside Da MerryWood Galleries WorKShoP
 I Founds Da PerfecTMosT RocK ArT Chair!
 We WenTs Ta George Washington's 
HoT SprinG BathTuB 
In Berkeley Springs State ParK
 I JuS HaDs Ta Dive IN!
 YePs PerFecTs 10 PoinT LanD'nZ!
 Time's Ta Explore WiDs Me Dragonlet Pufflet
 WoW Pufflet MeTinKs Georges BathTuBs 
A Fairy Lake Now 
 All Quiet Ans PeaceFulMosT 
 Litte Fishies Ans A Crawdad Too's!
 Ans Lil BuBBLes FroMs Da Spring
 Uh Oh Antique Silk Ribbon Quilt Bear 
WanTs A DiP
 WeLL EverPeePs Be Entitled To Da HeaL'nZ Waters For Free By LaW Since George Washington ans Lord Fairfax 
Decreed It In 1776!
 DanGs FineMosT ReFresH'nZ!
 OK Off Ta More AdvenTureZ!
 LuV, TiGGy and PaLs!


  1. What a terrific trip to Berkley Springs! Love the incredible bears. Very unusual rock sculptures. Glad you were able to take a dip in George Washington's bathtub!

    1. TanKs Ya AnonyPeeP - YePs Da HeaL'nZ Waters Were AwesomeMosT! Ole George's TuB made's a GreatMosT Fairy Lake. TanKs for LuV'nZ Me BearZ Too! ~ LuV, TiGGy

  2. Hi Tiggy! Gorgeous bears! They would never get lost in your collection! I love the rock art, very unusual. Diving in George Washington's bath tub fully dressed?? At least the bear was bare!! I think you might have to find a better name for him than 'Antique Silk Ribbon Quilt Bear'!
    Kind regards, Brian.

    1. Greetings Brian - Isn't the rock art Brilliant! Every time we visit these remarkable artists they have come up with new and novel creations. LOL about TiGGs leaping into the tub - Of Course Fae somehow are able to keep their clothes dry unlike us mere mortals ;) You are so Right about "Antique Silk Ribbon Bear" - he actually came with the name "Owen" on his tag and I have been stumped trying to decide whether or not to change it - I best just give in and start calling this little wonder Owen :) Thanks so Much for your Visit - you always Make TiGGs DaY! ~ LuV, TiGGy

  3. What a fun trip that must have been! Your new pal is lovely :-).

    1. Thank You Night Owl - Its so Good to be seeing you again! TiGGy sends LuV!

  4. What a great trip and the bears are wonderful to see. I've only seen a few rock art and it always amazes me. Do you sew all of TiGGy clothes? They are just the cutest I ever seen in that scale.

    1. Thank you So Much Brini - I so wish I could sew so well! I do crochet or knit some of TiGGs things, but this outfit is by Red Carpet Couture on Etsy, and that adorable Petal Cap is by SassyLassie on Etsy. TiGGy and the Firefly Fairys are very lucky to inspire many wonderful seamstresses - just do a keyword search on of "Fidelia Firefly" and you will be Amazed at all the incredible creative talent we rely upon :) TiGGy is so Happy you Enjoyed the Trip and LuV her Bears too! ~ LuV, TiGGy

  5. Hello from Spain: great trip. Sculptures very original rock. Tiggy is very cute. A lovely bear. Keep in touch

    1. Thank you Marta - Yes indeed it was a Wonderful trip and indeed these artists at MerryWood Galleries do such Amazing rock art, and many other beautiful works of art as well! TiGGy is very Proud of her Lovely Bears too! ~ LuV, TiGGy

  6. I am very glad to meet Mr. Quilt I'm sure he loves to go on adventures with you. By the look of that bath, I don't think it would heal you. It looks a bit stinky to me.
    Now about that red bear, do you play naughts and crosses on him. Do you play that game where you live.
    Sending Hugs to you all

    1. Oh Wilbur - TiGGy so KneW you would Love the Bears and how you have Inspired TiGGs to get Bear PeePs! Actually you would be surprised how very clean George Washingtons Bathtub really is, it gets fresh infusions of spring water every few minutes so it was so clear we could see all the little fishes and even a tiny little crawdad way at the bottom. OK I just Googled and Learned that on this side of the pond "Naughts and Crosses" is a much more colorful name for what we call Tick Tack Toe - which must be some sort of sound based name??? Yes indeed we Do play that game. That very special bear was made of Jeanettes husbands favorite shirt, so it isn't for sale - thats a picture of him her bear is holding. I just had to get a picture of it because its so incredibly moving and special. HuGs to You Dear Wilbur - LuV, TiGGy

  7. What a wonderful time you have been having Tiggy, all filled with fun and excitement!

    1. Indeed Xanadu - TiGGy makes FuN adventures out of even work journeys! ThanKs For Enjoying All Da FuN! ~ LuV, TiGGy

  8. Tiggy, love your cute outfit! What a nice friend to give you your own tiny teddy! I love them too. Another fun trip under your belt! Vonnie sends all of you a big hug!

    1. Thank You Carolyn - Indeed what an incredibly sweet gesture of Jeanette to give TiGGy her tiny treasure bear. YeP TiGGy makes every type of Trip Festive FuN! HuGs and LuV to you and Dear Vonnie ~ LuV, TiGGy