Tuesday, December 24, 2013

TiGGy's Cabin Presents DaY 24 Lego Advent 2013 "City / Star Wars / Friends"

WeLComes To We GrandMosT Finale!
O Lego 2013 Advent!
 YeP's TiGGy's Lego City
Santa CaME!!!
 Lego Friends Brought Baby Pearlie
A Ginormous PreZZie!
Ans Star Wars Brought ByGBy
PaPa Xmas Jango Fett w/ PreZZies!
 LEGO Ya Broughts 
ToNs O FuNs!
 For EverPeePs In's We
EntireMosT Family!
TiGGy's FavoriteMosT Lego City Prezzie Was Da Awesome Lego Microbuild Train
  Baby Pearlie's "Friends" Faves
Mr. ans Mrs SnowPeePs
 ByGby's Star Wars Fave's; AT-TE
Droids ans All Ships
 TANKs Ya PeePs For EnJoY'nZ All Da FuNs!
HaPPy HoLLyDaZe Ta ALL's!
LuV, TiGGy, ByGBy, Baby Pearlie


  1. All those fun things! You'll have a blast playing with everything. Merry Christmas Tiggy!

  2. TiGGy- You did a great job of sharing all of your great Lego builds! Your family seems so happy this holiday season. I hope that you holidays continue happy and safe. Thank you for sharing the love of the season.

  3. Hi Tiggy! Glad to see you and your family had loads of fun! Seeing it all together is making me a teeny bit jealous, I'll have to get the calendars next christmas! All the best for the new year! Kind regards, Brian.