Thursday, December 12, 2013

TiGGy's Cabin Presents DaY 10 Lego Advent 2013 "City / Star Wars / Friends"

HaPPy LeGo DaY 10 PeePs!
TiGGy GoTs a "City" Fireman w/ Weenie!
ByGBy GoTs A "Star Wars" Clone Trooper
Wids Weenie Too Jus CoZ...
 Baby Pearlie GoTs LoTsa "Friends" Blingies
Ah DanGs! Yesterdays "Friends" 
Musta BeeNs Da Holders!
HaPPyMosT HollyDaZe PeePs!
LuV, TiGGy, ByGBy ans Baby Pearlie


  1. Nice haul today! Fireman with weenie? for TiGGy? Does that mean if ByGBy gets a policeman with no weenie, it would be Dickless Tracy?
    What a happy crew.

  2. Hi Tiggy. Yep, yesterdays Friends thing now makes sense! I think there's going to be a barbecue in the City calendar very soon, and the Clone Trooper seems very happy to join in! Kind regards, Brian.