Wednesday, October 30, 2013

TiGGy takes Birdie to the Doll Outlet

Doll Outlet In's AmishLand!
BaZillion'Z O Dolly Stuffs Here So Follow's Me!
LovelyMosT Carousel Horse
BuTs We GoTTa GeTs Ya WheeLs!
YePs PerfectMosT Pre Harley
OK On's To Da Shades!
Ahhh PinKMosT!
Whaddya MeaNs?! Of Course Its YoU!
Oh DonTs Ya WTFairy Me
Ya DonTs Haves Ta See - Jus BE SeenZ!
BooYeaH Birdie Me Chickie!
Now DaTs TUDE!
OK On's To Da Cappies!
 DaTs EpiC Birdie Me LuV!
 LoTs More Ta Explore Togethers!
 Stick Wids Me Kid
 We GoTs Dis!
 LuV TiGGy ans Birdie 


  1. Oh what fun, I would so love it if we had shops like that here...although I am sure my husband is probably pleased we don't!

    So did Birdie come home with anything?

    1. It was a Total Romp - AnD it was Hubbys idea to go there! He was actually incredibly helpful picking out LoTs of Goodies. YeP TiGGy made sure that Birdie came home with Quite the Haul :) TiGGy sends LuV to YoU!

  2. What what a friend, TiGGy showing her how to shop. Great sunglasses!! The hat is to die for!!

    1. HeYa AnonyPeeP - YePs I GoTs Birdie All Fixed Up Wids LoTs O Fashionables - Hats, Sunglasses, GlaM Gifties ans WheeLs! ~ LuV, TiGGy

  3. Wooow! So many dolls!! Did you have the urge to sneak a few back with you?
    I've seen a whole new side to Birdie! With her shades on she is not to be messed with!!
    Great pictures from a great place, you must have had so much fun! Kind regards, Brian.

    1. LOL Brian - YeP those shades Definitely bring out Da SpunK in Birdie! I don't think any dollies hopped into the cart, just LoTs of Dolly Goodies - But Birdie and TiGGs had a Blast visiting all the Doll PeePs and filling their cart :) Thanks For EnJoying! ~ TiGGy sends LuV and KindMosT Regards to YoU Too!