Friday, October 25, 2013

TiGGy Calls Forth The Green Men Blessing

At's Da Maryland Renaissance Festy
Da Arrival O Da GreeN MeN Bless'nZ
(View As Video Below)

Be's A HugeMosT Ceremonial
 They LooKs Like's A MotleyMosT Crew
 Comes From ALLs Da Tree HuG'nZ 
 They Go Around Da EntireMosT FesTy
 Bless'nZ EverTinGs!
(View As Video Below)

 Its A SpeZialMosT TreaT
 See'nZ Da GreeN MeN ALL Togethers
Ans A SolemnMosT Rite O Da Festy
 Ans EverWhere's Da GreeN MeNs Go
They Spread SpeZial Acorn Bless'nZ
 I Were Very LuckyMosT
 Ans GoTs A HighMosT Honor
 A RareMosT Double Acorn Bless'nZ
 SpreaDs Da JoY PeePs!
LuV, TiGGy


  1. What a super group of tree huggers, but it does look like they didn't know when to let go. LOL
    They did pick the correct fae to help with the singing and dancing, especially that stomping dance.

  2. Hi Tiggy! That looks like a very special and fun ceremony! Nice to see you were specially honored. I hope they got your blessing too! Kind regards, Brian.

  3. What fun you have TiGGy, you go to the most amazing places!