Thursday, April 18, 2013

TiGGy's GrandMosT Cherry Blossom Festival Tour Part 1!
 Do'nZ Me DashBoard Diva TinG 
 Along's Da Lower Basin Here's
 EnJoY'nZ Spring
 SoaK In's Da Heal'nZ PeePs!
 Kissie's Sweet Cherry Blossom's
 ProudMosT Ta Be's A Be'nZ!
 In's AwEMosTs Here...
 TANKs Ya BeautyMosT SUN!
 Burst'nZ Into BlooMZ!
 Bless'nZ Da Cherry Blossom's!
 Ahhh's Da GloryMosTs!
 Ans Dis Jus Be's Part 1 On's We Journey!
Ans Here We Be At's Da Martin Luther King Memorial
More PiX ans Video Along's Da Basin Ta Come's!
LuV, TiGGy


  1. We have a couple of Cherry trees out the front of our garden TiGGy - once they start flowering I will take some pictures for you!

    1. Serenata - TiGGy would sooo Love it if you do indeed take pictures of your cherry trees in bloom, its such a fragile blossom, this year they only were in full bloom a day or two, which TiGGy was just lucky to hit before the rain storms came and swept them off

      Thanks for your Visit and Comment Looking forward to your PiX!
      LuV, TiGGy

  2. The Cherry Blossom certainly is beautiful! Glad you're enjoying the spring weather and visiting great places! Over here in the UK it's just cloudy, as usual!

    1. The National Cherry Blossom Festival really is a gorgeous tradition started by the ambassador of Japan, TiGGy provided a link in part 2 of her "tour" to more of the history on the trees planted and the statue. Part 3 will have video's and the Jefferson Memorial!

      UK - I have been there, and its beautiful in all its misty glory. Thanks so Much for your visit - TiGGy LuVs her HairyPeep!

  3. i like her shoes is so cute :3 it has eyes xD

    visit my blog ^^

    1. YeP TiGGy's StomPie Boots do indeed have eyes on them, and she is Stomping right over to enjoy your blog too! Thanks for the Visit!