Thursday, April 11, 2013

TiGGy Along the Potomac River in D.C.
 Jus HanG'nZ OuT EnJoy'nZ Da Scenery
When's SuddenMosT I LooKs UP! 

 Its Da Prezzie Helicopter ~ Y'Obama!
Ans Da Policey FireBoaTs LooK'nZ Me Over
 HiYa BoYZ - Nice Machine GuNs!
BeautyMosT DaY For Some Rounds!
Nice Jobbie BoYZ! 
LuV, TiGGy


  1. Esta muñequita se mueve mucho, es una gran viajera, que divertida.
    Un abrazo.

    1. Greetings and Welcome Yolanda - TiGGy is Delighted you enjoy her travels - Its always a new adventure w/ TiGGy!
      LuV ans HuGs, TiGGy!

  2. Bwwaaahhaaaa! Machine guns on a fire boat! Tiggy, you gotz quite da imaginatories!!

    Translation for previous comment: this doll move much, is a great traveler, that funny. a hug.

    Love you muchly Tiggy!

    1. Seriously Amberly Willow - the fireboat had a Machine Gun pointing right at US! I guess its the new post 9/11 way of protecting the presidential helicopters which fly very low over the Potomac, I just had never timed it to actually see that the fireboats along the bridges do indeed have machine guns trained on passing cars - WildMosT!

      Thanks so Much for Visiting, and even translating that lovely comment - TiGGy sends a HighMosT Five to Amberly Willow!

  3. Bwaaaahaahaaa! Machine guns on a fire boat?! You have quite da imaginatories, Tiggy!

    Here's da translation for the previous comment: this doll move much, is a great traveler, that funny. a hug. Yolanda.

    I luvs ya muchly Tiggy!
    Amberly Willow

  4. Better treat those police in the boat nice....they a machine gun on the front!?!?!?!
    I don't know if that me feel safer or not. Course TiGs is always sidling up to the men in blue!

    1. YeP, AnonyPeeP - The men in blue always get a kick out of TiGGy in her police uniform, and definitely seem to consider her one of their own. She never fails to even amuse the secret service LOL!
      TiGGy sends her LuV!

  5. Wow Tiggy! Presidential helicopters and machine-gun boats, that's one heck of a warm welcome they gave you on the Potomac!

    1. LOL HairyPeeP - Indeed that was a bit of a surprise, I seriously had never realized they now have machine guns on their fireboats when the presidents helicopters pass over - wish Lego would add that touch eh?!

      These were just really lucky shots as we were stopped in traffic - or you KnoW TiGGy, she probably arranged the whole thing!
      TiGGy sends LuV and HappyNess!