Saturday, December 1, 2012

Had's A BlastMosT At's Da
Gaithersburg Doll Show!
Wids Me Tigglet Ans We Firefly Fairy PeeP Amberly Willow!

Gots Me Schoenhut Miss Dolly Ye Olde Clothes!
Miss Dolly Were ProudMosT O' Me Vintage Find's!
GoTs PiX wids Ma,  Resin Cafe PeePs; 
Spohlemus & Amberly Willow, Ans Doctoni Wids Miss Dolly 

GoTs Ta See Iris of "Fabric Friends And Dolls"
Iris Gave's Us LoTsa Chocolates!
MeT Cathy's GorgeousMosT Kaye Wiggs Koneko!
Even GoTs Ta PlaY Wids Connie Lowe
Ans Connie's BeautyMost Daughter Galya
Sooo CutieMosT
We Could's GeTs In's LoTsa Troubles Togethers!
ans Da Sprockets!
"Glum" Helds Me Ans Tigglet
Ans "MeeK" GoTs Amberly Willow
Ans A Fantabulous Time Were Had's By All's!


  1. What beautiful happy pictures!
    Luv ya!
    Hugz :)

  2. Hello from Spain: I see what you spent your very well surrounded by other collectors. A very nice and fun day. I really like these dolls. Keep in touch

  3. TANKs Ya Indigo Me LuV! - I Be's Happy Ta See YoUs Too's!

    Greetings Marta - aren't they such lovely dolls?! It was really fun meeting up and being surrounded by such beautiful dolls! Thank You for Visiting Too's!

    ***HuGs ans LuV, TiGGy***

  4. Wow! I don't know how I missed this post! I'm so happy for all of you who got to meet in person and attend such a wonderful show. Congrats!