Friday, November 30, 2012

NoW HoLds's Still For's Da PiXture Tigglet

TiGGy & Tigglet


  1. How cute! I have been wondering where you found Tigglet. Did you make it or have it made especially for Tiggy?

  2. Hi Bama - Thanks so Much for asking about precious little Tigglet! I saw an adorable tiny mini-me Firefly Fairy dolly that DandelionFair had made and asked her if she would make one for TiGGy, and she asked me if it would be OK if she experimented and tried out some ideas she had - and she ended up creating this amazing fully jointed and strung wooden dolly for TiGGy.

    This tiny doll is only about 2 inches high, and has even more joints than TiGGy does! DandelionFair no longer has an etsy shop, but she does have a website you can contact her through here

    She makes incredible tiny animals, dolls and toys mostly out of polymer clay now, but most of her past work was carving wood and she also made that amazing teeny tiny dress that Tigglet is wearing.

    Another friend of mine 62Kitty on Flickr made TiGGys wonderful crochet dress ensemble.

    There are more DandelionFair darlings on the blog, Baby Pearlies teeny crochet mouse, ByGBy's Leather Snoopy, Daisy Bunny, and the tiny wooden fully jointed bear - I will be sure to post more pics of her wonderfully whimsical creations that TiGGy adores
    TiGGy sends LuV to YoUs!

  3. That is amazing! I will have to check out her website. What a fabulous artist she is! Now why can't I do things like that? LOL!
    Thanks for sharing that info with me. And please give Tiggy my LUV as well! :o)