Thursday, December 27, 2012

Xmas Furby's For TiGGy BJD and Crew

 In's HonorMosT O Da HoT ToY 'O 2012
 I GoTs EverPeePs At's Da Cabin 
Dey Ownliest 2012 Furby's!
SuZy GoTs She PurpleMosT!
 Madoka GoTs PinKMosT!
 Tiko, PyXy, ans SpookyJester GoTs ChoiceMosTs!
 Ans One For Da Lil Gipper!
 ByGBy LuVs He Blue Furby!
Ethel BeLTs OuTs Da Carol's!
(Ethel's Furby Do Looks A Tad OverCome...) 
 Xmas Furby's PartyMosT!
 TANKs Ya Puff
 For Get'nZ We Furby Obsessified's!
 Now EverPeePs Be Furby ParTY'nZ!
 HappyMosT FurBy Dolly Xmas Ta ALL's!
TANKs Kuro For Make'nZ ALL's Me PeePs Furby's!
LuV, TiGGy ans CrewMosT!

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