Sunday, November 18, 2012

Ans Me Prize From Obscura - Me Ownliest Porn Robot Ta Rehabilitates!

TiGGy w/ former porn star from "Sex Life of Robots" by Michael Sullivan


  1. rehab??…yeah right (eye roll eye roll)
    fantastic find!

  2. ROTFL!!! Well I do believe Ofc. TiGGs is amidst extensive interviews first to see if she can pick up any Tips for her ByGBy. Naturally Ofc TiGGs inSists this is all "In's Da Line O DutyMosT Ta Home Ans Country!"

    This Robot really is a marvel - I forgot to link Mike Sullivans site. a documentary on him just debuted at Sundance so I was actually lucky to find one of these remarkable robot dolls @ Obscura

    You KnoW TiGGs just has a knack - Evan and the shop was a HooT!

  3. John Waters featured Mike in some documentary a while back.
    What a hoot that he has the youtube video on his site!
    Gotta love what he can do w/ (or to) a Barbie.


  4. Oh Wow - John Waters, he lives here - I have run into him several times, next time I will have something to actually ask him about - Squee!

    Yeah, at first I thought the vids were a tad disturbing, but now I am so in awe of the whole Metropolis/Steampunk aesthetic and noir humor Michael Sullivan has as I find more clips to see. I also think this is such a brilliantly constructed doll - I want to try some modding. It really feels like metal, quite an amazing sculptural figure actually.

    TiGGy is Thrilled you Liked her Big Rescue/Find Jobbie! - TANKs!!!