Monday, May 7, 2012

I'm SaY'nZ Dese RubyMosT Slippers DO FiTs PerFecTMosT!

Jus 3 Clicks Ans ... ***PooF***


  1. I'd love to much to own a Fidelia, she's just the cutest! Even I don't think she will ever fit those shoes! :)

  2. Greetings and Welcome Mijbil,

    Normally TiGGy responds herself but she wanted me to let you know we have been working on more Firefly Fairys coming out via

    Hopefully there will be news on this soon. When there is you can be sure TiGGy will let everyone know the good news.

    In the meantime some are still being found on the secondary market on Den of Angels, Resin Cafe, Zone of Zen, and other doll boards. So place a Want To Buy (WTB) ad and hopefully your Fidelia will find you soon.

    TiGGy is sending Fairy Dusties to help your Fidelia find her way to you

  3. Hello from Spain: I think these shoes are beautiful but a bit large for this doll.What a contrast of sizes. A very creative photos. keep in touch.