Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Fiona Ans Miri's BiGMosT Florida AdvenTureZ!


  1. Hello from Spain: The two girls are adorable with their caps in the amusement park. I love watching the photo of the beach. What envy!. Keep in touch.

  2. Thank YoU Bama and Marta! Fiona and Miri have been texting all these wonderful pics of their adventures in Florida as a sort of vicarious vacation while we are BusyMosT up North, but TiGGy and family hope to visit Disney as well soon - in the meantime TiGGy knew everyone would get a HooT out of enjoying Fiona and Miri's big Florida Adventure too!
    TiGGy sends LoVe and hopes to catch up w everyone SoonMosT!