Monday, May 21, 2012

HeY Miri - DidJa Save Any PoppieCorNs For TiGGy? - MuNCh CrUNCH MunCH MUnCH - EXsQueeZe Me Ya InterUpT'nZ Me Pawn Star HunKie RiCKie! mUNCH CRUNCH YUMMMMMY!!!

Fiona Ans Miri's BiGMosT Florida AdvenTureZ!


  1. Too cute! I actually laughed out loud about Hunkie Rickie! :o) We love this show too.

  2. Greetings Bama - I love that show and got such a kick out of this too! Susan has been texting me these adorable pics from Florida and we got to texting back and forth and this photostory sort of emerged and it's such a HooT! Rons Miniatures is an amazing shop in Orlando a bunch of us all went to in January on our Disney trip - If you are ever down there - Rons is Totally worth a trip!
    Fiona and Miri have more adventures coming, and of course TiGGy sends LuV!