Monday, March 5, 2012

Sunflower LoVes Baby Pearlie Too's!

1873 Joel Ellis 12" Blonde


  1. Oh congrats, Tiggy, Sunflower is gorgeous!

  2. Awww Thank You TillyMoon - My Husband is an Ellis magnet! He found her 15 mins before the show ended, I just about died. Isn't she Incredible?! TiGGy wants you too meet all three - they are the most amazing dolls, I just cannot get over how much you can feel the life in them that they have lived through. TiGGy goes everywhere with me, but at home when she rejoins her family - I reach for my Ellis girls and just get grounded - they truly are incredibly special - Thank you so much for liking her!
    TiGGs sends LuV to YoUs!!!