Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy SecondMost Anniversary DAY!!!!

Tiggy and Bygby Bunksies Wedding National Cathedral D.C

       Marrieds at da National Cathedral in Washington D.C. March 19th 2010
We Vows
Da BeautyMost Rose Window!

Tendermost Moments....

Da Kissie
We Weddin Guesties!
Backs Home, Supportins Bygby as we reads da loversome inscriporatory tos me ByGby
Makin We's Life Togethersome
ats da Cabin
Da Firstmost Nite Were a Bits Awkwards....
But We Gots Da Hangmost Ofs Its!
We Loves We Baby Pearlie!
Ans Our Beautymost Life Togethersome!
Plenty More Celebrat'nZ CominZ Today Peeps!


  1. Hippity happy ANNIVERSARYmost!!!!!!!
    ByGby doesn't look any MORE worried after 1 yr of wedded bluster or uh blister or wait BLISS!
    Enjoy the celebratories!