Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It Were a BeautyMost Day For a Walk Wids Policey Pup

Whens SuddenMost!

Dere Were's Dis GorgeousMost Fairy!

Woulda Knocked Me Socks Off If I Were WearinZ Em...
She Cames GentleMost To Me's

Ans Saids She Were Me Ownliest FairyMost G-dMother!
I were JoYous As She Pick'ds Me Ups!

She Let Me Read Her Arms Likes Tea Leaves

She Saids I Could Makes A WishMost

So I whispereds a SpeZialMost One For Baby Pearlie Ins Her BeautyMost Ear

Ans She HuGG'ds Me - YaY!

I Climb'ds Down Ta Tells Policey PuP All's Abouts It's

PuP Were ExcitedMost Too's
Ans Dint pee None's On her Leg - GooD PuPster!

Me Ownliest Fairy G-dMother Were Pretty Happy BouTs Dis Too's

She Be's So BeautyMosts!

Ans Offs We Went Ons More Adventures Togethers

She Saids She Be's NearMost ForeverMore's


  1. Oh Gita, she's breathtakingly beautiful! The detail is amazing! :)

  2. Thank You CoCo - Isn't she utterly Incredible?! TiGGy is so Happy, and we are CelebratinZ - Thank you so Much for EnJoying her - TiGGy sez TANKs!