Thursday, March 8, 2012

More of Me Report From's Da Gaitherburg Doll Show In's Da Booth Wids Da ForeMost Hitty Carver Judy Brown HerSef's!

Here Be Some Judy Brown Hitty's ans Bitty BoYZ!

Ans Ima - Why You Be Calleds IMA?

Well, "I'm A" Friend Of Hitty - Get It?!
Oh.....I Know'ds Dat....cough...splutter....

Movin Ons...
Here Be's a Bitty Hitty ans Miss Hickory Carved's By Judy Brown Toos!

Tanks Judy For Alls Da FuNs
You GoTs It TiGGs!

Contact Judy Brown to Gets Yer Ownliest Carved Hitty, Bitty, Miss Hickory, Ima, or a Carving Kit Ta Makes Yer Ownliest Hitty!

email Judy Brown aT's
ans Tells Her TiGGy SenTs Ya!

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