Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Over Da Weekend I done Surveyed Da Earthquake ans Fallen Crane Damage ats da National Cathedral ins D.C.
Lots O Police Tape, Scaffoldins, ans Fences EverWheres!

Dese Be Da Spires Dat Gots Knocksed by Da EarthQuakey

Ans Here Be's Where Da Crane Done Toppleds...
Dats Its knocksed overs ins da air...

Ans Pieces alongs da road hits me favoritemost Herb Cottage...

Buts FortunateMosts Noone Were Killed, ans even da Crane Driver Be's OK!

(to be continueds)


  1. Glad no one died, but ooh it was scawee.

  2. Yeps NyXy it truly bes a MiracleMost coz boths happensd during daytimes when visitns peeps are EverWheres!

    Good to See Ya's DearMost NyXy! - LuV, TiGGy