Saturday, September 17, 2011

Posin Fors Me Portrait Ons Da Boardwalk
I done drew a crowd - which do happens...
Ans SuddenMost Gots Ta Meet a New Peep - Ciela!
Aints She BeautyMosts!
Ciela be's da Guardian ofs Nezumi_Mouse
I also gots ta meet xxBrittox, but DaGNaBitsALLs she dint have none of her HunkyMost Iplehouse Mens wids her...
Oh wells...I do be marrieds...
Ciela sats wids me ans Evandra

ans we Socialifieds during me sittins,
well, standins for me portait

Ciela Also Gots Her PiXture Mades!

LookinZ FabMost Ciela!
Now Dats Be ART!
We Be's Alls ImMortalFieds!!!
You can Haves Yer Ownliest Pixtures Mades by Jim Rehak by sendins yer piX to


  1. OHMIGOSHNESS what a great PORTRAIT! He gots your essenceness. I LOVES IT!!

  2. It was simply fantastic to meet you, Tiggy!
    Sad thing was all that wind messing with our hair and outfits, though. Could have done without that, I say.
    But it was a lovely day none the less. And thank you for adding in the pictures of me and the portrait.
    We'll simply have to get together some time for tea and chat it up more.
    Until then!

    And the human(Nezumi_Mouse) who I forced to type this for me. My delicate fingers cant be strained with all of these darned keys!

  3. Tee Hee Threads - Yep, Gots Me Essences! Tho ByGby saids he done captureifieds me fartinZ...MeNs...

    TM - CoolMost idea for Dolly Pix Aint's It's?!

    Ciela - I LuVed MeetinZ Ya ans yer secretary peep - She be da Bestest ta haves ya outs ans abouts ans Livins Life LargeMost! I LuVs yer PiX ans Cants Waits Ta See Ya's Again SoonMost! ~ LuV, TiGGy