Thursday, April 8, 2010

Oks, Mommy can tell bouts me Adventuresome day!

A package for TiGGy arrived today - she'd been trolling Etsy on that IPhone of hers - and being Tiggy, this did of course actually mean "Trolling"

First she bought a new outfit so of Course Tiggy be Stylin!
Then she noticed a note from Mydsummer
TANKS MydSummer for da Cutie Giggle Monkey!
Suddenly Tiggy felt a presence behind her
(did I mention Tiggy had been "Trolling?")
Which quickly leapt away, but you know how TiGGy jus is about her PINKS so....
The PINK didnt get far
Tiggy quickly established it was a Raremost PINKs UniTroll!
A very Rare and Wonderous species
and you Do Know that Tiggy Loves Her PINKs
So to settle her new friend she let him hold Giggle Monkey
and now Tiggy an UniTroll are BestMost Friends!
Moral of the story - If you goes Trolling - You Gets Da Troll! - SQUEEEEDoodle!

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