A mysterious package arrived from Lily and Peri -
so Naturally Tiggy was Thrilled, and ByGby was worried...

But of Course the Bunksies Celebrated with
their Prezzie Dance in the spangly wrappings!

Tiggy discovered that Lily and Peri had also sent along
a servant to care for All We Whimsies!

Turns out Lily and Peri had sent along a message about BOYS!
which tickled TiGGy into giggles!

Meanwhile ByGby had discovered, and was contemplating the implications of
the Chili Dress....and TiGGy was Ecstatic!

Then the Bunksies got utterly distracted and disoriented by the chickies wrappings for awhile

Till they got down to business again with more beautiful wrappings!

Inside of which they discovered the BeautiFullness Silver Tea Set!
Tiggy was especially excited about it because "Lookee I can see Mes Reflectory
in Everysting! An Hows Thoughtfulness dat Lily an Peri
sent we a wee servant to do da polishings!!!

TANKS Lily an Peri!!!!!

The Bunksies then Got So Busy Happily Having Tea
They did not notice anything but each other...