Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mrs Tiggy and Mr Bygby Bunkisies Firstest Ever Wedding PreZZies!!!

Today Me's an Bygby Gots a SpecialMost Package!
 TO US!!!!!!
I Wents Rights At Its!
I Were LOviN Da Bridey dress wid da loooong  train,
BUTs ByGby Splained abouts T.P, as wrappins...
OmiGoshNess - Mr, and Mrs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We Jus Gotsda Joy Dancin!
Ans Kissies (Coz I Always Do Tells!)
Den More Xsplorings
I gots too excitable....
but Bygby were right wids me!
Looks! Our Very Own Prinsted Names!!!
I done crieds at how pretty it were, 
an me Bygby had little tears too!
Den Tos Da PreZZies! 
I Done Gots "Stylin" wids da Snazzified Ribbonses!
Our Very Ownliest Hopes Chest Wids Our Wedding Date an Matrimonyfied Name!
  Da Gooblyladedaaa Be's Norwegian an It Be Meanings -  'God Bless Our Home' 
 Painted by Norwegian Faeiries by dere ownliest Handses!
 I done Cried tears of Joy an Awestruckmost when I unwrappsed an Be Crystal Goblets's Like Human Weddins. ByGby done had some tears wids me.....
 Ans Inside Our Hope Chest 
a Ginormous Roll Rollickin Love Heart Comforter!
Me an Bygs reached to eaches, jus too much for wordses....
 Omigoshness den lil drawers opened to new pretties!
I done opened dis side
ans Me Bygby opensed dat side! ~ TeamWorks!
We was chattering aways bouts da pretty faerie paintbrushings!
 Inside were Pinks for Me an Blue Spezial Towel for Me ByGby!
Ans SpeZcial Softie Lace Frilly Pillow Cases!
  I Gots Overcome with Happiness so Very Grateful and so Very Proudmost!
ByGby Waving a Special Thank YOUs to RiverMyst an Alida!

TANK Youz RiverMyst and Alida

For Makings Our Home OUR HomeyPlace!
Yous Jus DO Be Da FineMost Lovin Peeps!
 Nows Mrs TiGGy and Mr ByGby Bunksie
Curled ups in our new SpeZcial HomeyPlace
and Pillow talked late into the moonlite of
Lovin Gifties, and SpeZcial Peeps.,,
an Dreaming Dreams that Jus Do Comes True...

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