Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Gaithersburg Doll Show Adventures with Ping
 WaiT - Lemme Hold YoU PinG!
 PinG Be's Famous For AmaZing 
RealMosT Puppy Sculpts
 PinG Has WoN Many Awards For 
RealMosT Babies Too!
 PinG Can Bring Your Pictures To 3D Life
With Award Winning Portrait Sculptures
 PinG also Makes Da Cutest Fabric Arts
 I LuVs PinGArT!!!
 PinG LeT Me FeeDs Da Baby Kitties
 Ans Cuddle Too - TicKle Tickle Lil Kitty
TaNKs For A GreatMosT ShoW PinG!
I LuVs Ya DearMosT PinG


  1. TiGGy you sure do have some very talented friends! I see that Ping did a special commission for the wife of the Govenor of West Virginia, among many others. You look great helping with the feeding of her puppy peeps.

    1. Howdy AnonyPeeP - Thank you for visiting Pings website, she does do Amazing work
      YePs I LuV'd Feed'nZ Da Wee Ones! ~ LuV, TiGGy

  2. Awesome! Those puppies and kittens are so incredibly lifelike. What a talent! Thanks for sharing!!
    The house on my blog can either be made from a kit that you modify or from scratch. I've made it so many times now that I make it from scratch. I have both ways in my book A Shabby Chic Dollhouse. If you are new to building, a kit works perfectly well.

    1. Yes indeed Ping's work is truly astonishingly lifelike - in fact they are often put on the net as Actual puppies by various people LOL!

      Oh Thank you So Much for answering my question about your AmaZing work - Will leap over and buy that book - Thanks So Much!
      A GratefulMosT TiGGy sends LuV :)

  3. TiGGy really is a celebrity! I don't know how TiGGy does it all.

    1. Thank You Brini - I have no idea either LOL! TiGGy has a way with people, because they can see she is really Beloved - and of course STomPs ALoT LOL! :)
      TiGGs Sends LuV :)

  4. Wow, Ping can really make lifelike dolls! Are you sure they weren't real babies??? I love her puppies and kittens! She is very talented. Thanks for the link, I'll be sure to check out her website.
    Kind regards, Brian.

  5. Indeed Brian, Ping is really an Incredible artist, and its really cool because at shows you get to see her actually painting and at work on her creations. You will be blown away by her website, many of the portrait dolls are so lifelike its truly uncanny.
    As to the babies possibly being real - TiGGs didn't stick around to find out, just in case diapers were involved LOL!
    TiGGy sends LuV :)