Tuesday, December 30, 2014

HaPPyMosT HoLLyDaZe PeePs!
 BeeNs BusyMosT ShoP'nZ!
Updating Me List For SanTy!
Be'nZ All CuddleSome Wids We Family
GoTs A BeautyMosT Dolly O Me BDaY Outfit!
TooK Tiny Tiggs Ta TNT's Christmas In Washington TV SpeZial
 ChecK'nZ Da Obama SeaTs!
 SinG'nZ Christmas Carols!
GoTs Me OfficialMosT SanTy ELF OutFiT!
 AnS A NeW Christmas PuPPy CoCoaPuFF!
 PuPPy Kissies ~ SQUeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
GoTs GooD Holiday EaTs!
 MO Please!
ChecK'nZ SanTy's Sleigh!
 GeT'nZ LiT!
 Fly'nZ Ta Help SanTy!
 Be'nZ OfficialMosT SanTy Elf 
Be's A BiG Jobbie!
GoTs Me Holiday LighTs Up 
Wids Da Whole FamilyMosT!
 AnS A LovelyMosT Christmas DaY!
 WiDs WonderfulMosT Prezzies 
For Da Whole Fambly!
 TANKs Ya SanTy 
For Da AwesomeMosT Gifties!
 BaBy Pearlie Be's JoyousMosT!
 We Be's GratefullMosT To YoU 
~ SweeT PeePs!
We WisH Ya Da MerryMosT O Holidays EverPeePs!
 ~ LuV, TiGGy, ByGBy, Baby Pearlie 
FroMs We Whole Fambly To YoU ans YoURs!


  1. TiGGy, it looks like you had a most joyful holiday season. All the best to you and all of your peeps.

  2. TiGGy, happy New Year!!!
    Very beautiful outfits!

  3. Oh, such beautiful photographs of your Holiday adventures Tiggy! And what a lovely new outfit you have! Give lots of hugs to your baby and the new puppy from me. I look forward to your new adventures in 2015. Happy New Year to you, your human and the whole doll family xxx

  4. So many adventures for such a little doll...love how you get and out about so much! Love the shot of you and your whole family :). Happy New year!

  5. Hello from Spain: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your dolls. Fabulous Christmas photos. Tiggy is very pretty with wool outfit. Lovely pics. Keep in touch

  6. I love that LEGO Santa! Hope you have a fun-filled 2015.

  7. Awwww! Cocoapuff is so cute! What a gorgeous puppy face! I hope to see a lot more of Cocoapuff!! I love your new outfit and your terrific gifts. You must have been a very very good girl. And the concert looks like a lot of fun too. That is one awesome holiday for you!
    Happy New Year! All the best for all of you in 2015.

  8. Hi Tiggy! It looks like you were having a wonderful time! A great new outfit and lovely pictures with your family! I hope that big Lego Santa was gentle with you, it looked like he was giving you away as a present! I hope 2015 will be an amazingly good year for you and I look forward to many more of your adventures!
    Kind regards, Brian.