Sunday, November 9, 2014

TiGGy ~ FroM Bach Ta RocK!
 FirsTMosT Da Kennedy Center!
 GoTs Ta SinG Da BacH B Minor Mass
 La La La La LAAA - OoosP I MeaNs 
Si Si Si Si Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!
FeeDs Me SouLMosT!
 TheN I VoteD! 
They RaN Outta Stickers 
So I GoTs A Pic Here Wids Da 
OfficialMosT Chief Election Judge Marcy!
OK Dones Me Civic DutyMosT!
 NoW I'm Off Ta Be A PunK Princess!
 DanGs Ma, PuTs Me DowN -
 I GoTs Me Stature Ta MainTaiNs Here!
Holy CowMosT!
 RocK'nZ WiDs 
Da Baltimore RocK Opera Society!
 Unleash Me Inner DiVA!
 Da BanDs ALL Here!
 LeTs RoCK!
 PumP IT UPs!!!
 Oh YeaH BaBY!
 LeTs RoLL!!!
 RoCK DiVa TiGGy!!!
 I GoTs Dis BaBY!
GoTs Me FAEMones GO'nZ!
 Light ShoW!
 ConCerT PaNoRaMaMosT!
 Me PaL Natty BoH!
 JuS GoTTa MoSH!
 MosH PiT MaYHeM!!!
 Oh YeaH NaTTy BoH ~ We GoTs Dis!
 RocK ON PeePs!
LuV, TiGGy


  1. Oh I see you love singing and dancing to music Tiggy. You will have to sing us all a song one day.
    I'm glad you did your voting. It is an important part of running our countries to vote the right people in.
    Big Hugs from Down Under.

    1. TaNks Ya KindMosT Wilbur - I would LuV Ta Sing ans Dance Wids Ya! NoTs sure me Vote was Enuff, Going Ta Haves Ta RuN for Office MeSeF! ~ LuV, TiGGy

  2. EPIC!! From banging out Bach to HeadBanging! Looks you might have been getting carried away in the mosh pit. Thanks for voting. In Chicago, you might have been able to vote a couple more times! Just joking. TiGGy, you are an outstanding citizen.

    1. LOL AnonyPeeP - Heading Ta Chicago Mighta Helped! YePs I LuV ALL Musics - ans GoTs Da Moves! ~ LuV, TiGGy

  3. Wow, such a variety of musical delights, you must have had a lot of fun! In my country we are obligated to vote by law, but it's important, very good of you Tiggy! You are dressed very cute too, as always :-). Hugs!

    1. Greetings NightOwl - Thats Incredible that you are obligated by Law to vote! Its such an important aspect of citizenship, yet in this country we seem too often to place barriers to people being Able to vote. Glad you enjoyed Da Musical Journey ans me FashionistaMosTs ~ LuV, TiGGy

  4. I love the photo with Judy Marcy! These photos are too cute. ;)

    1. Yes Farrah Lily - Judge Marcy was a very good sport about it - they had run out of "I Voted" stickers, so she came out herself for TiGGy - Thanks so Much for Enjoying! ~ TiGGy sends LuV!

  5. Woah, calm down Tiggy! You have got to pace yourself, you don't want to burn out too quickly!! You really have been enjoying yourself, concerts and dancing with a bit of voting thrown in for good measure! Tiggy moshing, that memory is going to stay with me for a long time!!
    Kind regards, Brian.

    1. Tee Hee HairyPeeP - YoU Always Make Me GiggleMosT! Glads Ta Be Memorable To YoU! ~ LuV, TiGGy