Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Why Legend Says Its Dangerous To Eat Fairy Food...

GoTs Ta GeT Supplies For Me Piratey ShiP
HeLLo LaY's - YePs Dis Be's PerfectMosT!
Chicken Ans Waffle ChiP's
PerfectMosT For HunT'nZ Treasure!
 KeeP'nZ Me Crew HaPPyMosT
 MeaN's GreaT EaTs!

Yo LaYs - Where Be Me RuM ans CoKe Chippies?!
 Dis Here's MaY Be Da Origination
 O Why It Be's DangerousMosT 
 For Humans Ta EaTs Fairy FooDs
 Yo De LaY's De HO!
Ans AwaY We Go!
LuV, Capt. TiGGs


  1. ROTFL!!! What a weird combo! Must be big with pirates! Great outfit TiGs!

    1. YePs AnonyPeeP - PeePs Be DIE'nZ Ta GeTs On Me BoaT! Teee Heeeeeeee! ~ LuV, Capt. TiGGs

  2. That has to be the strangest flavor of chips that I have ever seen!

  3. GoTs Ta Agree Wids Ya Isabelle - But Me Crew LuVs Em! ~ LuV, Capt. TiGGs

  4. Hi Tiggy! I can safely say we don't have that flavor over this side of the pond...and I don't know if that's a good or bad thing!! Kind regards, Brian.

    1. LOL Brian - Methinks maybe its a good thing, but TiGGy wants to sail across the pond now and make sure you get Fairy Good EaTs ~ LuV, TiGGy