Thursday, August 1, 2013

Letchworth State Park Camp Party

ParTyMosT PreZZies!
 DanGs CleverMosT Pa!
 YeP Ma Be's 50!
 I GeTs Ta Do Da Honor's!
YAY!!! A SparkleTwinkleMosT BoX!
 Oh, I GoTs Ta Open It's...
 Yo, Professional At WorK Here's - SteP Aside!
 No Worries - I GoTs Dis!
 OmiGoshNess A Blingie BoX! 
 GasPMosT! - BeautyFuLL Citrine Ans Diamonds
 Ans A Prezzie For Me's Too ~ YePs Ya Shoulda!
 BoX Dive'nZ!
 NO PeeK'nZ!
 WoWZ! A WonderPunkin!
 I KnoW Jus Where Ta Plants Dis!
 Mr. MaN LuV'ds We Party Too's!
 YeP GnomeyK It Were EpicMosT
 Ma, CaN Ya GeTs Older SooN Again?!
TANKs EverPeePs For Coming To We EpicMosT Party!
LuV, TiGGy, GnomeyK, ans Mr. MaN


  1. You sure know how to party hearty!! Love the box diving.
    Beautiful spirits at work here!

  2. Hi Tiggy! I see a lot of diving going on here! Ooops! You might need to be a bit more careful what you wear when you box-dive!! Nice to see lots of fun being had by everyone, including 'Ma' - Happy birthday!! Hugs and kisses, Brian.

  3. Hello from Spain: I wish you a happy birthday. The gifts are very nice. Keep in touch

  4. Dat Papa K knowz how to shopmost :)
    ...and let's hear it for the seam in the fishynetz (lest it woulda been unseemlymost !

    Happy Halfa Century!!!!!


  5. Well, Happy Birthday! I had no idea until popping over here. What awesome presents! And a peep show too! LOL! No wonder GnomeyK's eyes are glued on Tiggy! hehehehe!

    I love that Circus tin. I think Mr.Man does as well!

    I hope your day was as special as you are, dear lady! :o)