Wednesday, July 24, 2013

TiGGy and the Schoenhut Humpty Dumpty Circus

WeLCome's PeeP To Da Circus!

Da Schoenhut Humpty Dumpty Circus


RAWR Back AT's Ya LioN!

Steady NowZ!

YeP's I Be HighMosT Wired

Yeee HaW YerSeFs!

Dance'nZ WiDs Da ClowNs

FeeD'nZ TiGers

SiT Elephant!


Life Be's A Circus

LeaP On In's

LuV, TiGGy



  1. Hi Tiggy! That is a beautiful antique circus! You'll have to give us more information about it! One question though....where is Humpty Dumpty?
    Kind regards, Brian.

    1. LOL about Humpty Dumpty - I dont know! I will have to ask about that. We were visiting a friend who specializes in antiques and getting some info on Mr MaN, TiGGys Schoenhut Manikiin, and she had been a museum restoration expert and antique dolls dealer and her husband fell in love with the Schoenhut Circus, so they had even more rare figures in surrounding cabinets, but this set filled one entire corner of their livingroom and was pretty Mind Blowingly Cool!

      They were super nice and allowed TiGGy to launch into her own show

      Schoenhut was a german who emigrated to the USA and decided to make toys that would be durable and not too fragile for kids to play with and learn via.

      There is some great info here on Schoenhut Circus items

      Now you've got TiGGs all curious about how Humpty Dumpty works into this?! LOL!!!

  2. You have a Humpty Dumpty Schoenhut Circus?! Oh I am so jealous...can't look, can't look....okay well then just a peek, oh what fun!

    1. OmiGosh No - I Wsh, and of course now TiGGy Wants one! TiGGy does have two Circus animals to be unveiled for a future story!)

      I KNow, I sooo wanted to stay and PlaY - she was sooo nice to let TiGGy romp amidst the animals, and I must say the animals and jesters were quite bemused playing with TiGGy -TiGGy said they now all want her - Methinks she is trying to find ways to hop back and play there! :D

      TiGGy sends Love and HuGs!

  3. Nice to see you being the guest ringmaster! Remember.....When they are talking about "the bigtop", they are not talking about your haired! Beautiful Schoenhuts!!

    1. TANks Ya AnonyPeeP - You Too Funny's! Gonna RinGs Ya Master DaGNabiTaLLs! CleverMosT BouTs Me Hairses! ~ LuV, TiGGY

  4. I remember Tiggy enjoying the circus in Florida at the dollhouse shop. I'm delighted to see she finally has her very own now.

    1. YeP Seeing Cirque Du Soleil w/ you was MagicMost Memorable Forevers! TiGGy and NyXy had a blast too, and I do think they have been utterly mesmerized by Circus's ever since!

  5. Wow! This is amazing! Congrats! How wonderful to have such a wonderful collection!

    By the way, I have not been receiving blog updates from you. I need to figure out why. If I had not seen these on Flickr, I wouldn't have known that you blogged about them. Are you getting them from me?

    1. Gosh, I always follow your name back to your blog, so I haven't checked via Blogger - have you tried BlogLovin? Which way are you getting updates from? Let me know and I will check and see what might be hanging up your receiving updates!

      Gosh, Trust me TiGGs wants it, we dont own it - but we DO know where to PLaY in it now! Actually we have a playdate following the festival we are at - so there will be more Circus fun PiX and I will try to get even better shots - I was waaay too excited! - Thank YoU! TiGGs sends LuV and HuGs!

    2. Hey there! I have your blog on my blog roll and I am also "following" you through blogger. I checked everything after I commented yesterday and discovered that your blog was no longer on my list. I don't know what happened to it, but I put it back! Then I popped back over here to "follow" you again. LOL! So all is well now. I wonder if there are any others missing form my list?

      About the S.Circus, it is truly wonderful. I thought you had added it to your collection. Looks like Tiggy had a blast! It's a great scale for her. Speaking of Schoenhut stuff, have you seen my Vonnie Grace? She's on my blog and also on Flickr. :o)

    3. Greetings Bama - I noticed the same thing yesterday on another blog that I was Sure TiGGy was already following! I will have to check everything when we get back home and have better net, its really random how strong a signal we are able to get, or get at all up here.

      Oh Gosh I so Wish about the Circus, I am in serious Awe of everything Schoenhut made - I havent seen Vonnie Grace yet, its been hard to navigate up here - I totally didnt see her on your blog - which blog? Dolls of an Era? I will definitely check her out!
      TiGGy is so Happy you are Back to enjoy her adventures! HuGs and LuV, TiGGs <3