Saturday, July 20, 2013

Lego 3300003 Grand Opening Store

HeYa PeePs ~ GoTs SumTinGs SpezialMosT For Baby Pearlie
 YePs Baby Pearlie's OwnliesT Lego Store!
 Lego Store GrandMosT OpeN'nZ!
  Mr. Bear Do'nZ Da Honor's
 Baby Pearlie Be's In's AWE!
 Explore'nZ Da Lego MicroBuilds Togethers

 Fist PumP ~ YeaH!
 YeP's ByGBy Me LuV, I TinKs We Really GoTs Dis
 Yes TiGGy My Love, We Did Indeed
 PerFectMosT For Baby Pearlie Ans She Peeps
 Great Build Jobbie ByGBy!
Awww, Thank You TiGGs
 Only Da Bestest For We Baby Pearlie
*** Happiness***
 We LuVs Ya DearMosT Baby Pearlie
 YuP, We GoTs Dis!
 ProudMosT Lego AFOL's
 Passing On's We Lego LuV
 To We's PreciousMosT Baby Pearlie
LuV, TiGGy & ByGBy& Baby Pearlie


  1. Did I hear Pearlie say, "Leggo my Legos!"? Great build be ByGBy. What a lovely family.

    1. ROTFL - PerFect and Too True LOL!!!! TiGGs Thanks YoU, ByGBy is Very Proud of how Happy its made Baby Pearlie - They are such a sweet family together :) TiGGs and Family send LuV ans HugeMosT TANKs!

  2. Hi Tiggy! For some reason I feel strangely attracted to this post!! Great job by Bygby on building the Lego store! I love the representation of the Pick-a-Brick wall, it's something I know very well! I wish I was Baby Pearlie, she must be having so much fun!!
    Kind regards, Brain.

    1. YaY Brian - TiGGy is so HaPPy you saw her post - she was so Excited about your seeing it she was all ready to STomP across the pond and start Knocking to make sure you saw it! Indeed it was posted today in honor of you and sharing family Lego bonds :)

      Its a really outstanding representation of a Lego store with the build a brick wall, mini peep holes for the Lego builds, a cash register,clear build a brick holders, the Lego red brick in the store, and even mini builds in the front display windows!

      TiGGs saw it and fell Head Over HeelMosT In LuV!

      Its InSanely expensive on Ebay, but the build instructions are readily available online, and is where we snagged this set for a far more reasonable price!

      It was one of the most pleasurable builds ever, there just is something magical about a Lego store, and as this build came to life, and even now just looking at it - all that Happiness just flows through you.

      ByBGby is deeply honored you appreciate the work he put into building it, TiGGy is Thrilled you saw this so soon and Baby Pearlie is in LegoLuV HaPPyNess!

      Thanks so Much for EnJoying Dear Brian - LuV, TiGGy, ByGBy and a TickledMosT Baby Pearlie and PaLs :)