Saturday, May 18, 2013

Tigglet Join's Da Unicorn Garden Party!
 HeY Tigglet Ride'nZ HighMosT
 Ya Like's Da View Tigglet?
 Uh Oh Nefra - Where's Me Dolly Tigglet?!
 Ummm's Nefra, I TiNks I KnoW....
 Dere's Me Rascally Tigglet!
 Ya Jus Gotta LuVs A SpunkyMosT Dollie!
HaPPyMosT Weekend PeePs!
 LuV, TiGGy, Nefra ans Tigglet


  1. Oh how I love your dollies! They are so irresistible!
    Thank you for your sweet comment for the 'Simply Irresistible French Blog Party'.
    Teresa in California

    1. TiGGy Thanks YoU Teresa for visiting her blog, and enjoyed your "Simply Irresitable French Blog Party" Immensely! TiGGy will be STomPing Back for Many More Visits!

  2. Oh, that Tigglet can be really cheeky when she wants to be! At least Nefra doesn't seem to mind. Kind regards, Brian.

    1. YeP Brian, That little Tigglet certainly lives up to being a chip off the ole block! Only TiGGy could manage to have a dolly who gets into even more things than her! Thanks so Much for your Visit - TiGGy LuVs her HairyPeeP!

  3. You have to watch Tiglet every minute! You don't know what she is going to do!! "The nut doesn't fall far from the tree."
    Can't wait for more adventures.

    1. ROTFL AnonyPeeP - Indeed "Nut" was probably a more apt description - these two do get into quite a bit of mayhem together and EnJoY every minute of chasing each other about :D
      TiGGy Thanks you for your comment and Visit!