Friday, February 15, 2013

Romantical Dinner WiDs Me ByGBy
 We Ordered's OuT From's We FavoritesT Burger Joint
"Rupert's Easy Order BurgerWagon"
Ya CaNs Jus FeeL's Da Burger LuV...
 Da TastyMosT Ingredients
 TiGGy, Just Eat The Burger HoN
I Am's ONE WiDs Da Burger....
 Ans Da Choco Chippie Cookie LuV
RuPerT Ya Be's GeniusMosT Wids Da EaTs!
TanKs Ya HugeMosT Rupert!
 We Will Be Back For More Rupert!
Order Yer Ownliest Burger JoY
Ruperts REO BurgerWagon
Jus Tell Rupert ~ TiGGs ans ByGBy SenTs Ya!

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