Monday, February 11, 2013

RoCK'nZ Da Purple In RaVeN'Z NatioN!

TiGGy w/ Lavender Pipos Frog


  1. What a neat frog! You look pretty good in lavender as well Tiggy!

    1. Thank YoU Serenata! Yes Purple is Definitely the au currant CooLMosT color here in Baltimore and with Ms. TiGGs - and indeed this Pipos Frog really is such a fun pal for TiGGs, she came along on our car trip w/ TiGGs and is now named Regina Froglet - I have always loved frogs ever since I was a kid and Pipos did a really nice job with these - much sturdier made than I thought now that I can experience Regina in person.

      TiGGs insists she didn't have to kiss too many Frogs before she met and married her ByGBy but that she plans on Kissing Regina LoTs coz "It's JuS Good LucK!"
      LuV and HuGs From TiGGs and Crew!