Thursday, July 12, 2012

TANKs Nefer - I LuVs Me Miss Humpty!!!

Nefer Kane's Miss Humpty Dumpty!


  1. Oh Tiggy,
    Your new friend Miss Humpty is absolutely amazing. The Keeper and I both have just been enamored by pictures of her. I know you must be so thrilled to have such a special peep in your home.

  2. Thanks so Very Much Pastel, I have been so enamored of her ever since early production pics which you can see via Nefer Kanes Website "CirkusKane"

    And she is even more amazing and whimsical in person - Tiggy and her are having a wonderful time playing dress up with TiGGs choosing all the fashions LOL!

    We truly are pretty excited about her - TiGGy sends HugeMost TANKs and LuV!