Monday, July 16, 2012

HanG'nZ Wids Me GrrrrLZ!

TiGGy, NeferTini by Nefer Kane, Daisy Bunny by DandelionFair, Mika Mouse by BJTales


  1. Hello from Spain: Tiggy is very cute with a sailor cap. Keep in touch

  2. Oh yeah,,,that lil shorty wig is nice on Mika.
    A good hairz day can't be beat.
    …unless you got awesome bunny earz =^^=

  3. TiGGy is tickled you visited Marta, she loves her little sailor outfit too!

    Argentto - LOL over da bunny hairses - don't we know it?! Yep, 1mim is GeniusMost wids da wiggies! Mika is thrilled to finally have her own Style'nZ!