Sunday, July 3, 2011

Tibbetts Point Light House - Cape Vincent NY - Wids Me Dolly Peep Jenny Ellis

DanGs if I Aint's SuddenMost All's Achey For's Me ByGby...


  1. Hi Tiggz! Glad you're having a wonderfulmost time! I really likes you new Jenny Ellis dolly wid the prettymost dress too! I been tinkin dat she wid look goods wid a Tiggy like hair style. What chu tink? Maybe your ma could makes hers a most lovelies hairdo! Dat wud be coolmostest!
    See ya when's ya gets home!
    Huggies, Nilla

  2. DanGs Fine TINKins Nilla! I Keeps TryinZ Buts Ma Be's All "Original Dis ans Originals Dat" ans gets Alls Longwindy bouts Ellis makins Unbreakable China Headeds Outta Wood ans It's ExhaustifyinZ Tryinz Ta Makes a SimpleMost Point Bouts Hairses!
    TANKs For Yer Logicalmost ReasoninZ! WAAATs a Relief You Understands PerfectMost! LuV ans TANKs ~ TiGGy