Sunday, July 10, 2011

Knocks KNoCKs! - "Who's There TiGGy?" - Hey WoWZ How'd Ya Do Dat Loverly Woodens Ladyship? It were VeryMost Nauticals Of Ya's!


  1. Hi Tiggy! It's me, Nilla. Did you mommy carve dat when you daddy was playins his instrumentals? It's beary coolmost! Da onlyest carvins dat my mommy is doins lately is ons a turkey. Dat turkeys name iz daddy.
    Yes, mommy? Ohhhss. Ooopps! I sorry. I forgots I not supposed ta tells anyone boutz dat.
    It was just a joke, Nilla. *sigh* I knew this was gonna happen!

  2. Tee Hee Giggle SNoRT Nilla - You Be BearyMost Funnies ans Gots Me Alls Gigglesomes! Dat wooden lady were all da way Hoooman sized In's front o a museum In's Clayton NY - but she were chattysome friendlywise!
    You's Da Bestest Nilla! LuVs - TiGGy