Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ticklins Me Ivories Pa Gots Me Ats Da Gaithersburg Doll Show!
 TANKs Pappy!!!
                                      I LuVs Me Music's!!!


  1. Iz PERFECK! Can ya play Oh da Joys fer the peeps? Or Choppin? I lieks Shy-Costkey toos.

  2. Luffs dat pie-annoz! Now you gots me thinkings I need to borrow da one down da roadz. Wonder if they accept bribes. LOL
    NyXy xx

  3. HiYa Peeps!!! I done Misstifieds Yer CommentZ! Yeps, I LuVs me Piany, ans cans play AnYs Tunes - but I do needs me toeses fors da Shy-CostKeys ans da Show-Pans Threads!

    Wids yer CoolMost WayZ NyXy I bets you wonts needs ta borrows, but peeps will be bribins Ya wids Pianys afore Ya knoweds Its!
    Hugs ans Kissies - LuV, TiGGy!