Wednesday, June 8, 2011

BigMost Jobbie Today's!
 WAAAATs Ya Cant See's Me?!!!
OfficialMost Red Carpet Tester fors da Queen O Denmark!
Very Importants Jobbie!
 I Gots ExpertNess Wids Such Tings!
 Ok, Gotta Trys Its Now - BusyMost Here's!!!
 YEPs, DefiniteMost Feelins QueenSome! Its Readys!!!
Naturalsly Da Queen Hads Me Join Her ins da RoyalMost Box
 Yo Yer Queenship - Cans Ya  Pass Da Haute Dog?!
TANKs!...Munch MUNCH MUNCH SluuuuRP...BURP! Ahhhh....
Dangs Finemost Ballet.


  1. *waves atchoo waaaaaaaay ups in dat balconnie dere*

  2. Well done. Maybe you can come visit d Queen here. She be needin' a tester for her car-pets too. They mostly bee corgis, but shur you can skritch their earz and stuffs and I could ride them. We would have lots of fun messin' wiv da Queenz car-pets.

  3. WoWZ! HiYa Peeps!

    I were WaVins Madsly Backs Atcha Threads, done nearmost flungs me Ketchups Ons da Queenmost! Grreats Ta See Ya's!!!

    Darn Tootins NyXy! Wranglins Car PETs O Yer QueenMosts Woulds Be FUNs! Denmarks Queen tooks her redmost one wids her when she lefts, but I Bets we could wrangle Us Some Corgi wids Yer FierceMost SpellZ! HuZZaH!!!
    LuV, TiGGy