Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Me Owns Family Peeps Finally Gots Homes afters nearlsly 11 Months!!!

Dey were Rescued Alongs wids da oder Dolly Peeps By MuJa ans Rati!!!

Soakin in some Rays ans Celebratin!

We wents under a bridge ans All Gots Our Glows Goin!

Gotsda Gets Her Some Ear Blingies!!!

I done saved her dress all dis times!

We Gots Ta Gigglesome ans Dreamin So Happymost!!!

 TANKS MuJa ans Rati - ans All da SpunkyMost Peeps Who Nevers said Nevers and Stucks Togethers to bring our Dolly Peeps HOME!!!!

  WeThree Sisters Finalsly ALLs ToGeThers!!!

1 comment:

  1. Happy Birthday TiGGylove and family. It is a delight to see you with both your sisters and I am so happy you can celebrate it with BiGby, JaiMesy and all the others living in and around your Cabin.

    Embrace this day for he is yours
    To celebrate and to enjoy

    Hugzz from: The Floragang; Rati, Ryuu, Roís, Banbhan, Amya, Madu, Donaugh and MuJa