Sunday, October 3, 2010


All da Longmost Awaited DOA CCC wiki Dollies haves Been FREED ans are Enroutes ALLs Over Dis Heres WORLD to Dey Homes!!!

Tanks to a Hearty SpunkMostest DOA Gang O Peeps who Stuck Togethers ans Nevers Say Nevers!

I jus happensed to see dis Truck, it aints da actual way da dollies be comins home but its Coolmost Synchronicifieds!

I gots two longs awaited family members comins too, so its gonna be hoppin ats da cabin as we welcome home our very ownliest peeps too! Stay Tunesd!

Hugs to All Da Dolly Peeps Finalsly Comins HOME!!!!!!!

Welcome Home CCC Peeps!

Check outs da Home Comins in me Links!

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